Iris Collectives Weddings

 We find inspiration from the people, places, and moments around us and together we create a team that is capable of capturing that inspiration


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The smile

Smiles aren't meant to feel forced, that's why its our number one goal to make you feel as though we aren't even there. Our images happen on their own.

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the love

We take the time to learn about you which helps us capture exactly what your love is like. Every couple loves differently and we are dedicated to capturing that.

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the light

Natural light is all we use. Flashes are distracting and can bleach you out. We proudly let the moment speak for itself and use the light to our advantage.

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An Enchanting Carriage House Wedding

Lauryn & Nate Elder


More Weddings

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The Engagement Shoots


Engagement shoots are more than a great way to brag about that new ring! They give you the chance to learn how we work and how easy it is to look and feel good! Not only do the pictures look great on save the dates and wedding websites but they also give us a chance to learn about each other and makes the big day a little less nerve wrecking.

Our Engagement shoots start at $400 or reach out to learn more about our engagement / wedding packages!

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The beauty in collaboration


Iris Collectives offers more than just weddings. Some of our favorite work comes from the collaboration of individual people and our lens. We love to shoot everyone and everything and grow to create beautiful images. 

Reach out and see what we can create together !